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Materská škola Šulekovo - oficiálna stránka



Ľ. Podjavorinskej 8
920 03 Hlohovec – Šulekovo

3. Phone number:  033/ 73 47 128
4. Internet address:
5. E-Mail: mssulekovo
6. Founder: Town Hlohovec
7. Mayor of the Town: Peter Dvoran
8. Address of the Founder: M.R.Štefánika 1, 920 01 Hlohovec
9. Phone number: 033/7368111
10. Internet address:
Director of the kindergarten: Elenka Heinová
Autorized to represent the Director : Mgr. Tatiana Myjavcová
Internet address :
e-mail address :
Refer also to:
        (Elenka Heinová)


Billing information:

Materská škola
Ľ.Podjavorinskej 8
92003 Hlohovec - ŠULEKOVO
IČO : 42287618
DIČ: 2820007278


Since 1st of January 2012 became the Kindergarten Podjavorinskej 8, 920 03   Šulekovo, Borough of Hlohovec, separate legal entity and thus became independent from Kindergarten Fraštacká 4, 920 01 Hlohovec.
Kindergarten Podjavorinskej 8, Šulekovo is a budgetary organization with legal status, whose founder is Hlohovec.
This Kindergarten supports the personal development of children in the area of socio-emotional, intellectual-visual, physical, moral, esthetic, developing skills and abilities, creates the conditions for further education of children. Prepares children for life in society in accordance with the age and individual particularities of children.

Educational language is Slovak language. All-day kindergarten provides training and education for children between 2-7 years. Education and training in kindergarten is founded on the principle of free of charge education in kindergarten one year prior to compulsory school attendance.
Objectives of education and training are based on the National Educational program and internal and external conditions of the kindergarten. Kindergarten provides children with a first level of education - pre-primary education. The child obtains the pre-primary education by completing the last year of training program department of education in kindergarten. After attending pre-primary education the child obtains a certificate in the prescribed form approved by associations of Kindergartens in Slovak republic.


Characteristic of the Kindergarten Podjavorinskej 8,920 03 Šulekovo, Borough of Hlohovec

Kindergarten consists of three classes. It consists of a complex of 3 pavilions.
In the pavilion 1 are children between 5 and 7 years. Pavilion 1 offers a dressing room, a playroom, bedroom, dining room, bathroom with toilet. Office of the director is also placed here. There is a cabinet available and sanitation facilities for teachers.

Pavilion 2 is divided into 2 parts. On the ground floor is a class with children 2-3 years old and upstairs are children age 4-5. Each department consists of the dressing room, bedroom, playroom, bathroom with toilet, cabinet and accessories for employees. Upstairs we can also find the office of economist, archive of all documents and the school library.

Economical areas such as kitchen, laundry room, storages, boiler room, dining room for students of the Primary school of Šulekovo and the office of the Head of the canteen, are placed in Pavilion 3.  

The kindergarten includes a spacious schoolyard with a sandpit, jungle gym and greenery.


Informations about Competences

Director of Kindergarten: Elenka Heinová
Autorized to represent the Director: Eva Buknová
Pedagogical staff: Blažena Gorčíková
                                   Irena Škublová
                                   Eva Zapletalová
                                   Mgr. Tatiana Myjavcová



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